Holiday parties? What to wear?!

My boys are ready for Christmas…fashionably speaking;)  I love their peacoat jackets, slim fit pants and matching shoes  (yey!).  My cool dudes!

I also love their matching sweaters, which I can’t get them both to wear at the same time!  This is mainly Daniel’s doing – he refuses to go with the flow;) Told ya he was feisty! (Got kids? Let’s talk sibling love!)

In the meantime, here are some suggestions for the ladies!

You may already know I LOVE red (RED alert!) and I LOVE the 50’s inspired skirts (THE skirt!), so … how about a combination of both?!

A pretty red (and GREEN!) skirt.  How Christmassy! What about the little faux fur collar?  Why not!  It keeps you warm and looks great!


Skirt: Me Boutique Collar: Marshalls

If you have one of those 50’s skirts (if not, why not?!) – guess what makes it look fabulous?

Yup, a petticoat.  I know, it sounds a bit old lady like, doesn’t it?  But seriously girls, I got a red one on Amazon to wear under a red dress for my cousin’s wedding (A biker wedding!), and I just wore it to a Christmas party with a black skirt.  Let me tell you, I got SO many sweet compliments!

Just think, you can enjoy all your Christmas cookies with this skirt/petticoat combination – ’cause you’ll look great no matter what size you are!  Woohoo!

I’m BIG on accessories!  And isn’t this time of the year the BEST for accessorizing?!  Sparkles and bling-bling everywhere!

For all you lucky ducks planning a vacation this Holiday season, or simply looking for both beauty and comfort, please take a peek at Morph’s EVERYWEAR dress (actually, look at their whole collection please!!).  I’m particularly  in love with this one. Definitely on the wish list for Santa!

You can wear it in so many different ways! From a top, to a mini dress, one shoulder to an evening dress…possibilities are truly endless.  I love the classic black look, but there is a wide variety of colours to choose from. How PERFECT for travel or any occasion really!!

And, you can never go wrong with black and white, right?


So, what are YOU wearing this Holiday Season?  Have fun dressing up!

Christmas shopping ideas!

Hi guys! It’s officially the last week of November!  You know what that means…. Yup! Christmas shopping in full swing!

I found a few awesome links shared by fellow bloggers for your shopping ideas. Take a peek:  Gift guide for her, Gift guide for him, Gift guide for kids

And here is a cute post about gifts for teachers (written by a teacher!): What teachers want for Christmas (and check out this agenda I found on the topic;))



As for me, I really enjoy simple gifts (when giving or receiving!)

A good book always tops my list. My latest obsession is  The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  I’ve listened to the audiobook a couple of times already (thanks to my friend Iza for recommending!)  If you find yourself searching for more in this life of ours, please take a look at this book. It’s a life changer!

Overwhelmed with choosing a book?  How about reading socks instead?  YEY!  I love, love, love reading socks!  They have them in kids sizes too!  I know a couple of avid young readers who might enjoy these;)

Chapters/Indigo Reading Socks



I’m an agenda girl, so really enjoy getting one every year. But I also love to give them out as gifts, along with a pretty pen!  Kate Spade New York are my favourite, but there are SO many others to choose from!

Chapters/Indigo Agendas

Anything handmade and homemade is FANTASTIC!  How about some pretty (and super beneficial!) chakra bracelets or homemade all-natural soap?  YES PLEASE!

Down to Earth Products has an amazing selection! Facebook: @downtoearthproducts

Or how about gourmet preserves made locally using local ingredients? Of course!

I don’t have the time to make my own preserves.  One day maybe, but not right now;)  But, The Wandering Locavore has an beautiful selection of lovely jars of Gourmet Gin 22 Cherries (tried and LOVED!), Cranberry Ketchup, Charcuterie Onions, Vermouth & Plum Jam, and the list goes on!

Last, but not least, I am obsessing about doTERRA products!  If you haven’t tried these, please consider.  They have a WIDE variety of NATURAL products (not just oils!!).  I recently tried the shampoo and conditioner and must admit, I was shocked at the awesome results.  You can get more info at doTERRA.  If you would like to know more, attend a free class, or just speak to someone about the benefits of these all natural products, please check out Izabella Essentials on Facebook!

Happy shopping friends!

Don’t forget to be grateful for this wonderful time of the year.  I know I am!



Fall is here!

Fall is in the air and so is fall fashion!

I am loving the mix of  gold and silver necklaces, earrings and rings!  And boots!  And ponchos, sweaters and vests!   Oh my!


We have been blessed with wonderful weather so far this autumn season, but I admit, I am itching to wear everything fall.  SO ready!


Pair your ripped jeans with a furry vest, a nice open toe boot and some gold accessories, and voilà!  Isn’t fall the best??!!


The browns and oranges… Such a warm colour for those sunny but cool days …


And the combination of a warm oversized sweater with a cool heel!

Check out my fellow blogger’s ideas for fall sweaters:  Best Fall Sweaters.  Some sweet ones out there!


What’s your favourite thing about autumn?  Do share!

Enjoy the beautiful season this weekend !  Have a GREAT one!